Communities / Ministries

North Reformed Church is known among city leaders for its work in community outreach. The church works with the Bessie Green Community, Inc., a non-profit organization, to provide help for individuals and families through food and clothing distribution, counseling and job training.

Each year we partner with Bessie Green and a number of volunteers to provide a delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner.  The food is great and the fellowship is nourishing to the soul.

It is North Church’s privilege  to provide the space for Bessie Green Community Inc.  They provide breakfast and lunch three days a week to our homeless and hungry neighbors.  Bessie has a well-stocked clothing barn and a food pantry. It is a privilege to provide a bag a groceries to someone who has been burned out or their welfare check stolen.  Visit the website of Bessie Green, to learn more about that ministry.

North Reformed also partners with a variety of ministries in the city of Newark and within the Classis of Passaic Valley.