Welcome to North Reformed Church

North Reformed Church is located in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, at the north end of downtown at 510 Broad Street. Organized in 1856, North has served her community for over 160 years. Our people have witnessed many changes in Newark through the years and are currently undergoing a rebirth of purpose and mission in the city. The faith community here is growing in strength and number by God’s grace and looking forward to serving God by serving people for years to come.

Our beautiful Tiffany Mosaic


Our Mission:    The mission of North Reformed Church is to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul mind and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

  •  We agree with missionary Lesslie Newbigin when he says, “The mission of the church is to live out in the whole life of the whole world our confession that Jesus is Lord.”
  • We agree with Rev. Timothy Keller when he says, “Love is the effort and desire to make someone else everything they were created to be.”
  • Our goal at North Church is to live out holistic love in our community and beyond by connecting with each area of life in need of God’s love channeled through God’s People.

Our Values:      We identify the following as essential values to live out in fulfillment of our mission:

Love:  We confess the Lordship of Christ by doing our best to love in the model of God in Christ.
We confess the Lordship of Christ as we “seek Shalom and pursue it.”
Discipleship:  We seek to gather unconditionally … into conditional/covenantal relationship.
Fellowship:  We understand the Church to be the gathered and sent people of God, united for God’s glory and purpose.  We further believe relationship with God in Christ is personal, but never private, requiring community for full expression and vocation.
Worship:  We love to celebrate God’s goodness and work among us in ceremony and sacrament, inspiring practical worship of service and vocation in our everyday lives.

Our Context:     We identify the following as three general circles of influence where we express our mission:

Congregation:  The tightest circle of mission is within the family of God here at North.  We seek to love each other as we “spur each other on toward love and good deeds.”  Missional theologian titled a book, “The Continuing Conversion of the Church.”  We seek to extend beyond the limitations of our past upbringing and teaching into a more full understanding of the gospel of God in Christ and our individual and collective identity and purpose as God’s People “for such a time as this.”

Community:  We see a broad diversity of humanity in the blocks surrounding our church building, including business, arts venues, government, education, and a population of the very poor.  We seek connection with all our neighbors on the level of their perceived need.  We greet each other in the public square, in the diner, and in the street.  The most significant connection we have experienced thus far is with people of deep economic and social need.  The Lord has given us “the least of these” to walk with into next steps of created wholeness.  Along the way, our congregation has experienced the richness of blessing many of these friends are able and eager to share.

Church:  We see ourselves as a resource for the Church at large in terms of teaching and experience of missional identity in an urban setting.  We seek to bless other congregations with who we are and the community we serve as each congregation seeks her own mission “back home.”  As we share the story of God’s work here and invite others to join us, we see transformation in the life and ministries of our new friends as they pursue mission in their home context.

North Reformed Church is located at 510 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey, 07102.  We are a member congregation of the Reformed Church in America.  You can visit them at https://rca.org/.